Tuesday, January 14, 2014

spot updates: proof, new leaf, and some more beerstop

Proof bottle shop

Proof has managed to load up on an impressive collection of very good hop forward beers. If you have never tried any of them, Id say that it would be very hard to chose between them! really, the best option is to pick up all three. They are all must-try brews that I highly recommend.

  • Victory brewing
    • Dirt Wolf, 9.49\4
      • Beer style: Double IPA, 8.7%
      • ratings: ratebeer(99\100), beer advocate(95\100)
      • personal ratings: BA(4.8\5), personal score (98\100). Best ipa of 2013.

  • Victory brewing
    • Hop ranch, 9.49\4
      • Beer style: Double IPA, 9%
      • ratings: ratebeer(98\100), beer advocate(96\100)
      • personal ratings

  • Founders brewing
    • Harvest ale, 10.99\4
      • Beer style: American IPA, 7.6%
      • ratings: ratebeer (99\100), beer advocate(95\100)
      • personal ratings: BA (4.5\5), personal(96\100)

New Leaf

Not exactly "beer", but common, that just looks damn interesting! I do wish that more sodas came like this........I mean, common....it just looks cool..... and fyi, its soda made by a brewery.
  • sprecher brewing, 7.49\4
    • Bootleg bourbon barrel hard root beer
      • Beer style: root beer, 5%
      • ratings: ratebeer (n\a), beer advocate(80\100)
      • personal ratings: n\a

This one looks cool because its a type of beer that everyone wants to try, and according to what I've heard online it does what it claims to do well. Also available at beer stop (and likely many other stores) for the same price 

  • Shipyard brewery
    • Mint chocolate Stout, 7.49$
      • Beer style: Imperial stout, 9%
      • ratings: ratebeer (75\100), beer advocate(74\100)
      • personal ratings: n\a

Now this i have not seen around town, and it looks like a good buy for a serious fan of Ommegang, or for someone curious about trying a Belgian stout (though  Weyebacher's Tiny might be a better starting point for a Belgian stout)
  • Brewery Ommegang
    • Chocolate indulgance, 14.99
      • Beer style: Belgian stout, 7%
      • ratings: ratebeer (96\100), beer advocate(86\100)
      • personal ratings: n\a

This beer looked cool as well. A collection of 4 ancient style Scottish ales made with modern equipment and ingredients? Sign me up! Id be happy to get this as a present any day of the week.
  • Williams brothers brewery (Scotland)
    • historic ales from Scotland, 12.49\4
      • Grozet
        • Beer style: Scottish Gruit (pre-hops ancient beer), 5%
        • ratings: ratebeer (39\100), beer advocate(80\100)
        • personal ratings: n\a, but as a beer history lesson, it should be seen as an important part of the gift set. Its also one of the only Gruits even sold nowadays, so take that for what it is.
      • Heather ale
        • Beer style: Scottish Gruit, 5%
        • ratings: ratebeer (85\100), beer advocate(90\100)
        • personal ratings: n\a, but I've always wanted to try heather ale.
      • Alba Pine ale
        • Beer style: Scottish Gruit, 7.5%
        • ratings: ratebeer (85\100), beer advocate(85\100)
        • personal ratings: n\a
      • Elderberry black ale
        • Beer style: Scottish gruit, 6.5%
        • ratings: ratebeer (62\100), beer advocate(85\100)
        • personal ratings: n\a
All of these beers look interesting. They are ALL a portal into the past.....to what beer was like in ancient times (hence the name!). That makes them all the more enticing, considering that I'm the kind of person that loved it when Boston brewing worked to remake the first craft beer, New Albion's pale ale (I love the taste of history). Its ratings are also pretty good, which helps a lot. If your like me and have both a passion for history as well as beer, it looks like a solid buy.

And with that the spot update is complete! I hope that everyone finds what they are looking for when they go out shopping!


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