Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Sam Adams Odyssey part 7: White Christmas

Sam Adams Odyssey part 7: 
White Christmas

I do love a good holiday beer. They are not easy to drink in bulk, but their is just something warming about a beer with a good amount of spicing. It just helps warm me up in these HARSH Florida winters (well in my perspective, they feel harsh!). I was happy to see this beer at the nearby ABC liquor, and even happier to be able to pick it up as a single. I was expecting something more like X2mas (which is more of a spice beer), instead of the witbier that White Christmas is, but still, I can enjoy a good wit on a cold winter night.

well, lets just get to the review!

  • Sam Adams (Boston brewery)
    • White christmas, 1.99 single (about 7.99 for a 6 pack)
      • Beer style: Witbier, 5.8%
      • rating: ratebeer(46\100), beer advocate(79\100)
      • personal rating: Ba style
        • appearance: semi-clear golden colored brew, with a decent bit of rising up carbonation. 4\5
        • aroma: Very malt and spice forward. It smells like cloves, a bit or coriander, and sweet malt. Good, but nothing to boast about. 3.5\5
        • flavor: The smell does not betray this one, the flavor is all spice and malty goodness. Lots of sweet grainy malty flavor comes first in this brew, with a nice burst of warmth from the spices. A bit of honey flavor on the finish as well. Not too shabby. 4\5
        • feel: it feels heavy, mostly due to its sweetness, which is helped out by its carbonation. 3.75\5
        • overall: I was surprised by this beer. It is a surprisingly easy to drink well made witbier. Its flavors follow the wit style quite well, and the final product is actually a fairly decent desert beer (I classify it as such due to how sweet it is). I would be happy to drink it again and found no real problems with it at all. 4\5
          • BA average(3.88\5), personal score(83\100)
Worth it on sale!

I found this beer to be quite good. Not the best winter beer, but a good one non-the-less. It was very warming, and its spice character was well received. I thought that I could easily enjoy a whole 6 pack of this beer and found it to be another worthy brew from the Boston brewery.

Worth picking up to try!

La Cheim!

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