Sunday, January 5, 2014

Spot update: Quite a lot of new things at Beer stop!

Beer stop really loaded up on some good brew very recently, because last I went I realized that i did not bring nearly enough cash with me!

In addition to STILL having cases and cases of bourbon county stout, they also have quite a few new treats......lets start off with the best first!
Hummmmmn, I wonder what this could be.....

Yup. Its the god damn World Wide Stout
Anyone want to to hafsies? or Quarters?

  • dogfish head
    • World wide stout, 
      • Style: American imperial stout, 17%
      • rating: ratebeer(100\100), beer advocate (93\100)
      • personal rating: n\a
This is one uncommon beer, and i would say its the rarest Ive seen since 120 minute IPA in the store, or when they had a bottle of Utopias. An expsneive, but must have brew. Who knows how long it will still be available!

lets move on to another stout, but one that.s scaled back a bit....Founders Imperial stout!

  • Founders
    • Imperial stout, 13.29\4
      • Style: American imperial stout, 10.5%
      • rating: ratebeer(100\100), beer advocate (97\100)
      • personal rating: 96\100. An extremely dark, roasty, and rick imperial stout. A must try.

Lets move on to something a bit smokier, Stones vanilla bean smoked porter!

  • stone
    • Smoked vanilla bean porter, 7.49
      • Style: American porter, 5.9%
      • Rating: ratebeer (97\100), beer advocate (88\100)
      • personal rating: n\a
And now, here is a beer that I haven't seen in some time, The one and only sculpin.

  • Ballast point
    • Sculpin ipa, 14.69
      • Style: American IPA, 7%
      • rating: ratebeer(100\100), beer advocate (98\100)
      • Personal rating: I would have to say that this is one of the finest ipa's I had in 2013. not quite as good as dirt wolf, but it is damn close. A must have. Pay the extra 3 bucks and enjoy this 6 pack immensely. 95\100

And now just for fun, these fellows looked pretty nice as well............even if they are not as rare or in short supply as the above brews.

  • Terrapin 
    • Wake-N-Bake coffee oatmeal imperial stout, 12.99
      • Style: Imperial stout, 8.1%
      • rating: ratebeer(99\100), beer advocate(96\100)
      • personal rating: n\a

Not exactly super rare at all, but yea, they have plenty of this stuff. i just thought that the case box looked cool!

  • Dogfish head
    • Burton Baton, 14.49\4 ( I think)
      • Style: Imperial ipa, 10%
      • rateing: ratebeer(99\100), beer advocate(94\100)
      • personal rating: n\a
As you can see, their are a lot of nice choices at the store right now. more good ones than usual! I hope that I can decide what it is I'm going to do. I hope that you can do the same!


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